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Coding for Data Track

Whether you're just starting to believe that data runs this world (it does!), or you want to kickstart your future career as a data analyst, dive into a hands-on experience learning SQL and Python, guided by pros.

handwritten flair for video

Boost your resume by tackling real-world projects from global companies.

Earn credits and credentials that will jumpstart your future.

There are 3 enrollment options:

3 or 6 Wayne State credits*

Business Elective: BA5800 (6 credits)

General Elective: GLS 5500 (6 credits)

Engineering Elective: BE2600  (3 credits)

Fall Program Dates

August 26 to December 10, 2024

The cost of the program is 6 credits of standard tuition plus a $1,800 special program fee. Applicants may be eligible for a scholarship toward the program fee. Upon course start, the total cost of the program is billed to your student account just like any other course.

Data Wrangling with SQL

Intro to Python for Data

Kickstart your career by learning the #1 data wrangling language: SQL

Learn the technical skills necessary to succeed in a high-potential career.

Write queries to sort, filter and group data—and learn how to debug errors.

Learn about industry-standard Python libraries such as Pandas and NumPy.

Receive a SQL Specialist certification and badge for your LinkedIn.

Receive a Python Specialist certification for your resume and badge for your LinkedIn.

Intercultural Competency Skills

Earn Badges Upon Completion

Intercultural Skills Badge
SQL Specialist Badge
Python Specialist Badge

Build your emotional intelligence skillset.

Develop listening skills that manage bias.

Receive an Intercultural Skills Badge for LinkedIn.

Brand Project Spotlight

You'll engage in a riveting Data Analysis project with The Recording Academy:

  • Employ professional data analysis and visualization techniques, focusing on Grammy.com's content and audience strategy.
  • Utilize actual data sets and real-life business context for your investigation.
  • Delve into, scrutinize, and professionally present your findings.


Intelligence Analyst



Learning Engineer



Supply Chain



SQL and Python skills are for more than computerscience majors.

Work with professionals
to your success.



Dr. Robert Alvarez

Dr. Lauren Crider

Data scientist at Intel and NASA and former professor at Santa Clara University, Robert will be your expert guide into the world of data analytics. He’s devoted his professional life to studying and using data to champion holistic changes in a wide array of fields.

Doctor of Mathematics who conducted research at MIT and passionate educator, Lauren currently works as an analyst and product data scientist at a rad startup. She inspires students of all backgrounds to love working with data - even if they don’t love math as much as she does.

You’ll be supported every step of the way.

Teaching Team

Your teaching team is here to support and mentor you through your experience. Attend Drop-In Hours with the team to ask questions and connect with them.


Connect and network with your peers across other universities, ask questions and share some of your projects progress.


Our super-powered chatbot Bodhi has solved 80% of participants' questions in past terms—but get real human help when needed.

Get real-world experience this fall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Wayne State Global Career Accelerator is offered in partnership with Podium Education, the leader in developing online experiences that empower universities to prepare students for high-growth careers in the digital economy.

The program is offered through Wayne State University.

Contact the Wayne State Global Career Accelerator Team at (313) 513-7671.

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